We are happy to announce the launch of our new website!

Storm Riders Chapter has joined the HOG[SCAN] family.  This new website and software will allow us to reduce our paperwork, and improve our operations, with new membership management and participaton tracking tools. 

By now, all current members should have received an email, inviting you to activate your account on the new website.  If you didn't find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  If needed, you can request a new password from the login page, and a one-time link will be emailed to you.  Once you login, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Set your username
  2. Set your password
  3. Fill out your address and phone number
  4. Add an "Emergency Contact"
  5. Opt-in to our Text Messages

Activating your account is your ticket to the Members Only content. Once you activate your account, you can access our Newsletters, RSVP to events, and the HOG[SCAN] smartphone app.  The app includes our event calendar, and your "Virtual Membership Card".  Just present your Virtual Membership Card to a Road Captain or Chapter Officer at our rides and events for a fast and easy "Check-in".

Stay tuned to this blog, for the latest Chapter news and information.

See you on the road!

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2 Comments - Welcome to the website of the Storm Riders Chapter Oklahoma Territory!

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Chopper January 15, 2021


Syncing the Stormriders Calendar to an iPhone or Android Device

These are the instructions on how to subscribe to the Stormriders HOG calendar on your phone. These steps work for both the iPhone and the Android.


To subscribe to the calendar on the iPhone:

Tap the Subscribe link on the calendar page. Your iPhone should pop up a message asking if you want to subscribe to the calendar.
Tap YES and the Stormriders HOG calendar should now appear in the list of calendars on your iphone.

You’re done! The Stormriders HOG Event Calendar should now sync to your iPhone Calendar whenever updates are input within Hogscan.


Adding the Stormriders HOG Calendar to your Android phone is a bit more tricky. To subscribe on an Android - you'll need to sign into your Google account on a computer (PC or Mac). The Android OS sets up a Google Account during the initial phone setup. If you aren't sure what your Google Account Username is, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accounts’, on your phone, and you should see it listed on that screen.

Once you have your Google Username and Password you need to ‘Sign In’ to your Google account on your computer (PC or Mac).
Click on the ‘Google Apps’ grid link in the upper right corner of the browser window.
Click ‘Calendar’.
On the bottom left side of the Calendar screen, Click the ‘Plus Sign’ next to ‘Other Calendars’.
Click 'From URL' from the pop-up menu.
Copy ‘ webcal://www.4036.hogscan.com/calendar/feed ‘ ,without the quotes.  Also, ensure there is nothing after the word "feed" and paste it into the ‘From URL’ popup.

Click ‘Add Calendar’.

You’re done! The Stormriders HOG Event Calendar should now sync to your Google Calendar whenever updates are input within Hogscan.

It will take a few minutes for the Stormriders HOG Calendar to show up on the list of calendars on your phone. Depending on the calendar settings on your phone, you may need to select the calendar and/or turn on/adjust the sync so that changes made on the website show up on your phone.

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US6099528 March 10, 2021


How do I get a copy of the book if I'm not at the meeting?